Lam Chong Group

About Lam Chong Group

Who We Are?

Lam Chong has been pioneering recycling business in Malaysia since 1989, provides end to end Total Waste Management Services ranging from recycling of metal, E-waste, waste disposal services, plastic, carton boxes, sub-contracting business, Bio-Tech and Solutions. We had processed over 23000 ton yearly of Total Scrap and also become an outstanding recycler in Malaysia.

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Our Vision

To become the most respectful recycling and recovery company in making a cleaner, safer and better environment for tomorrow.

Our Mission

  • We endeavor to manage our asset effectively and efficiently to maintain our competitiveness globally!
  • We will maintain a safe, environmentally-friendly, high-quality, efficient, cost-effective and systematic manufacturing facilities!
  • We are committed towards waste-minimization through recycling and metal full-recovery processes!
  • We constantly seek way to upgrade our technology to provide services in confirmation to the highest quality standards set and without compromise!
  • We strive to be a Green recycler by optimize the consumption of natural resources!
  • We are proud when our customers are satisfied with our performance!
  • We strive to continually innovate and improve to offer our best to the world!

Company Policy

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Lam Chong Group Company Policy 1