Lam Chong Group is delighted to offer a complete range of waste management services to assist your business in cost saving, which mainly by recycle and reduce the carbon footprint.

Our aim is to reduce reliance on landfill disposal by making use of new technology on recycling waste. Less waste going into landfill sites means lower landfill taxes, and also allows a positive contribution to sustaining the environment.

With new and ongoing legislation, the amount of landfill waste will be reduced and commercialized, where industrial businesses will be made accountable for all waste produced and disposed of.

We are more focus in providing total waste management services & solution, hence the services consist of:

Waste Management Services & Total Waste Solution

Waste Management Services & Total Waste Solution

We provide Total Waste Management Solution include the process of collecting, transporting, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials collected from waste generator.

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