Full Recovery License from DOE


Police license 

Full Recovery License
SW 104 Ash/Dross/Slag Waste
SW 109 Fluorescent tubes
SW 110 Electronic Waste
SW 202 Waste Catalyst
SW 204 Metal Hydroxide Sludge
SW 206 Spent  Inorganic Acid
SW 305 Waste Lubrication Oil
SW 306 Waste Hydraulic Oil
SW 307 Spent coolant
SW 312 Oily Residue
SW 314 Oily Sludge
SW 322 Waste of non halogenated solvent

SW 323 Waste of halogenated solvent
SW 325 Epoxy Waste
SW 401 Spent Alkaline
SW 409 Contaminated container
SW 410 Contaminated rags, tissue, filter
SW 411 Activated Carbon
SW 412 Cyanide Sludge
SW 414 Cyanide Solution
SW 421 Mixture of schedule waste
SW 422 Mixture of schedule waste and non-schedule waste
SW 423 Photographic Waste

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