Recovered Metal in Various Forms

One of the major services that our company provides is the full recovery services, which is compliable to the legal. The services are included melting & smelting process, leaching process, e-waste process and waste analysis. We are also equipped with sufficient facilities and manpower to carry out those services effectively and efficiently. Therefore, our company has the capability to produce the following finish goods through the full recovery process:

Recover Metal Raw Material Type

Plastic Waste
  • plastic
  • plastic
  • plastic
  • plastic
  • plastic
  • Carrier Tape
Au Waste
  • pcb end cut
  • header cap
  • au wafer
  • au plated
  • pcb
  • molded lead frame
  • mercury
  • Eletronic Waste
  • Waste Chip
Copper Waste
  • cu plated
  • lead frame
  • lead frame
  • copper wire
General Metal Waste
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
Metal Process Residues
  • Zinc Dross

Finished Goods Type

  • Finished Goods Silver
  • Finished Goods Gold
  • Finished Goods Zinc
  • copper powder
  • Tim Ingot

Recycled Plastic Resin (Other Product)

The other major products that we produced is the plastic resin, where these plastic resin can be reuse again as a raw material for production of other’s household product. By doing this recycling process, we are capable to reduce the exploitation of the natural resources. In our plant, we capable to produce various type of plastic resin as shown in the picture.

  • Plastic Resin
  • plastic resin
  • resin

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